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OTT. What does that mean? It means “over the top.” We are your best choice for advertising on connected, streaming – “over the top” (OTT) TV advertising! Place your ads on smart phone APPS here too. Ask us about the possibility of Remnant Rates and Wholesale Bulk spot rates for connected, broadcast and Cable TV – unsold advertising inventory and wholesale rates occasionally available too!

How to advertise on connected TV – Over the Top TV or OTT channels? Streaming is where it’s at! The masses are beginning to turn to OTT (Over the Top) “Connected TV,” especially on smart phones. Get the lowest and best rates for advertising on streaming – APP-based smart phone and OTT TV advertising deals all available here.

Remnant rates for some offers! Get Rates and Media Kits for the top 10 OTT advertising verticals and publishers! Remnant advertising rates available for some OTT offers! Political advertising strategies and political advertising rates that will help your candidate, issue or message penetrate the exact right demographic and Geo Target! Connected TV advertising is powerful for branding and can work well for DRTV and Direct Response if the offer is genuinely compelling and the call to action is irresistible. Let us help you build out an amazing and successful ad campaign at the best possible rates, lowest costs and affordable prices.

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Advertise in OTT mode and enjoy the technological advantages of Cross-Device Management · Data Management Platforms · Video Advertising · Native Advertising

Advertise using these types of connected TV and streaming advertising formats:

Display, Audio, Connected TV, Mobile, Video, Native, Real Time Bidding, Data Management Platform, Enterprise APIs, Cross-Device Targeting. Get media kits, rate cards and planning rates or schedules for your ad campaign here – Free media planning and media buying services available for OTT advertising.

TV Cord-cutting has become mainstream, more and more consumers are opting for internet-delivered TV through connected (CTVs) and smart TVs – Opening up new, exciting opportunities for many advertisers and brands.

Many valuable viewers eyeballs are now focused on over-the-top (OTT) advertising opportunities and amazing unique content. Brand marketers now anticipate how to best utilize the technology. Utilizing OTT is growing fast as an advertising medium. Like mobile video in its early stages, OTT is exploding with premium content and is highly attractive to marketers who want to find a targeted audience.

Pre-roll OTT video — often doubling as traditional TV spots — are currently the most common content on CTVs. OTT technology puts a better advertising tool in the marketer’s tool chest and enhances the advertiser’s ability to target specific consumers with personalized and interactive video content. Tech savvy consumer’s already to use it to engage with premium content delivered by an advertiser?

By using CTV platforms, we help advertisers and marketers design creative campaigns around target audience individual preferences and have direct response – one-on-one conversations with prospective customers.

Personalizing the message drives ROI and increases the percentage of visitors making real purchases. Research suggests that it does increase response rates and drive ROI. Interactive video significantly outperforms pre-roll video across all KPIs, including completion rate, time earned and user activity.

OTT marketers can target specific groups of individuals directly, and offer content that is fully informed by metrics and data that goes far behind viewing habits and basic demographics. Marketers deploying custom interactive ads — engaging the viewer within the ad – using Direct Response calls to action – increase click-through to a website or landing page. Early studies prove an average of a 561% lift in total user activity over standard pre-roll campaigns. We are a skilled and experienced OTT advertising agency and media buyer.

With OTT advertising, businesses, advertisers and marketers can measure performance in real time and adjust content on the fly.

Cable-based television is strong, but the tide is turning towards OTT. 88+ percent of U.S. households are “connected” with CTV or smart TVs (Statista, June, 2023). The majority of new televisions sold are “Smart TV’s” and include internet connections.

OTT advertising tests have been highly successful on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime TV — led the first generation of cord-cutters. Other content providers like HBO and Showtime — have arisen in their wake, offering genre-specific content for a fee. Live TV, including sports, and the cable bundle model of content delivery has impeded a full move to OTT advertising – but it will be the norm very soon.

OTT advertising opens up a whole new world for Direct response advertisers as well as branding offers distribute marketing messages and deliver channels they could only dream of 20 years ago. OTT marketing budgets will be able to prove ROI.

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Advantages of OTT Advertising Are:

Target customers with precision! Lifestyle demographics are now – not just the future. Target motivated buyers according to lifestyle, immediate goals and passion. No more guessing demographics based on ratings. OTT advertising adds a new dimension to historic demographics like gender, ethnicity, age or education level.

  • Reduce spending on TV Ad-Buys
  • Pay only for actual ad-views.
  • Trust the facts and monitor the exact number of ad-viewers in real-time. Pay only for real viewers.
  • Monitor your viewership in real-time
  • Capture real-time stats, Geo location, device types, channels and more.
  • OTT Advertising combines the impact of TV commercials with the advantages of fact based real-time data of online advertising.
  • More control = more ROI

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Start, stop, resume, change campaigns at any time. Manage your commercials and campaign settings in real-time through your dashboard or agency.

OTT apps is ad supported and not just via Hulu, causing the industry to reevaluate both the impact of connected TV and the future of the television advertising business as a whole..

Roku Doubles Down On Ads

OTT advertising is flourishing on Roku, whose post-IPO strategy has clearly solidified around ad revenue. The total hours streamed on Roku was approximately 29.1 billion in the fourth quarter of 2023 over Roku devices and Roku TVs (Statista, Feb. 2024).

Try our OTT advertising agency services. Place your connected TV ads across all leading connected TV device platforms—Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.

Additionally, People are watching Netflix, but then they’re discovering other apps like WatchMojo, Newsy and Crunchyroll. And that’s where we see a real uptick in viewership.”

Advertising to connected TVs is exploding in 2018. Some experts tell us that this is going to be the year OTT advertising really takes off.

Advertise on connected TV’s and devices – Rate cards and media kits available for connected advertising on – Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu and Hulu Plus, You Tube, HBO Go, Sling TV, Crunchyroll, Twitch, iTunes / Google Play Store, Crackle and more!

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